Simrad FM90 Multibeam Trawl Sonar

The Simrad FM90 is a flexible and feature-packed third-wire Multibeam Trawl Sonar.

With a class-leading real-time image refresh rate, the FM90 provides a detailed live representation of the trawl. This fast refresh rate allows better trawl positioning so that you can maximise your catch and reduce the potential for expensive damage.

Key features:

  • Real-time net picture
  • Superior bottom picture
  • Simplified software with automatic adjustments
  • Trawl and PI/PX sensor export to Serial Port or Ethernet Port
  • No dongle required to operate software
  • Convenient lift handles on Deployment Pack
  • High-visibility confirmation of Deployment Pack orientation during net launch
  • Easy access to third-wire connector
  • Fast flooding and draining of the Deployment Pack
  • No moving parts means less maintenance
  • Compatible with Simrad PI/PX catch monitoring sensors

Check out the features provided with our latest software version

This screen capture shows a typical catch situation with the FM90 in use. In the largest window of the display you can clearly see the trawl opening and the bottom. The view on the left side shows the echogram from one of the built-in echo sounders. On the right-hand side, you can see information from the catch monitoring sensors in use.

Simrad FM90 Screen capture

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